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Magnetic Thermocouple Probe
1. Straight Head 2. Probe with stronger magnet 3. Complete set with 2 M blue color coiled cable and     Type K yellow color miniature connector   4. Wide application for motor, hot plate, engine and ferrous surface, it can be fixed easily    
Thermo-Hygrometer Module: TH-48
Panel Meter: Thermo-hygrometer Module Model: TH-48SPECIFICATION:Temperature RangeResolution Accuracy -10 ~ +50°C (23°F~ +122°F) 0.1±0.5°C (0-40°C), ± 1 °C (The remainder range)Humidity RangeResolutionAccuracy 15 – 95% 1% ± 3% (30– 80%), ± 5% (The remainder range)°C or °F by option Panel
Solar Powered Thermometer_RT-352
Specification Product: Solar Panel Thermometer Model: RT-352 Measurement Range: -50°C ~ 200°C (-58 °F ~392°F) Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F) For more detailed information of solar powered thermometer RT-352, please visit our official website Solar Powered Thermometer_RT-352 (Click Me)

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