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Magnetic Thermocouple Probe
1. Straight Head 2. Probe with stronger magnet 3. Complete set with 2 M blue color coiled cable and     Type K yellow color miniature connector   4. Wide application for motor, hot plate, engine and ferrous surface, it can be fixed easily    
Digital Solar Thermometer, Solar Thermometer, Solar Powered Thermometer, Panel Thermometer
Specification Product: Solar Panel Thermometer Model: RT-352 Measurement Range: -50°C ~ 200°C (-58 °F ~392°F) Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F) For more detailed information of solar powered thermometer RT-352, please visit our official website Solar Powered Thermometer_RT-352 (Click Me)
Waterproof Digital Thermometer
fastest response high accuracy ideal for commercial and industrial used

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