Thermo-hygrometer, Digital Temperature Humidity Meter, Mini Thermo-hygrometer External Sensor, Panel Mount Thermo-hygrometer with Sensor

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     Both Temperature and Humidity Display       
     °C and °F Exchange      

     Temperature Range                           -10 ~+50°C (+14 ~ +122°F)
     Resolution                                            0.1      

     Humidity Range                                   15% RH to 99% RH
     Resolution                                            1% 

     Cable Length                                       1 M or 2 M by option      
     Combination Probe Diamter                13.8 mm      
     Combination Probe Length                  45 mm (St. St. probe length)
                                                                  65 mm (from probe tip to black grip)      

     Battery size                                          1 x L1142 (1.5V DC)      
     Unit Size                                              70 x 33 x 14.7 mm  (W) x (H) x (T)      
     Panel Cut Out Size                              66.2 x 29.2 x 12 mm (W) x (H) x (T)     

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